Jerry Cans

Jerry Cans

Jerry Cans

1 litre to 35 litre

Widely used for numerous industrial applications - oil, chemicals, acids, auxiliary chemicals, solvents adhesives, pharmaceutical company formulations etc. Jerry cans are simple to handle, fill and unload. Leak proof style adds value to your packaging desires. Branding by method of stickers and screen printing makes your product stand go in market place.

Type Dimension(mm)
  L B H
1 Ltrs Jerry Can 110 80 180
4 Ltrs Jerry Can 180 120 287
5 Ltrs Jerry Can (MS) 180 142 292
5 Ltrs Jerry Can (FS) 181 142 310
10 Ltrs Jerry can (MS) 222 155 325
10 Ltrs Jerry can (JC) 273 168 347

Product Features

In Various colours and different weight options.

Easy to handle, stack and reusable.

Made from food grade resin, non-toxic and odorless.

Air tight and 100% leak proof.

Tamper proof and auto sealable.

Most suited for export packaging, optimum space utilization.

No corrosive and chemically inert.

One piece moulded products.

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